Our Approach

Our Vision

To strengthen HKIA's capability to operate and grow profitably in a changing and challenging economic, ecological, technological and social environment, while developing a robust culture of sustainability throughout the organisation.

An Airport-wide Approach

An Airport-wide Approach

The Airport Authority (AA) is responsible for the operation and development of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The delivery of the majority of services related to the airport's operational functions is outsourced to business partners, including franchisees, licensees and tenants. In view of that, the AA adopts an airport-wide approach to move beyond areas under its direct sphere of control and proactively engage airport business partners to work on various sustainability issues. Regular communication and engagement with the airport community is conducted through different channels.

HKIA Environmental E-newsletter

The quarterly environmental e-newsletter "Towards the Greenest Airport" aims to share and promote environmental initiatives from both the AA and its business partners at HKIA, making the airport community’s environmental efforts more visible.

Our environmental e-newsletters are available in Greenest Airport Updates.

Airport Community Environmental Forum

Bi-annual meeting to engage airport business partners in the development and implementation of environmental initiatives at HKIA. External speakers are regularly invited to attend the meeting to share and exchange ideas on the latest environmental topics and issues.