What is the Globle Today? (August 6, 2023)

Globle is like Wordle, except it's not.

Globle Globe and Logo Image Credit: Globle

Ever since Wordle exploded in popularity some years ago, comparable word, geography and maths games have emerged to play on a daily basis. In the geography category, Globle is one that has been teasing the brains of players everywhere. Here’s the answer to the Globle today.

Globle Hints and Clues

Before we reveal today’s answer, here’s three hints to help you narrow it down without needing it given to you on a plate.

  1. Today’s nation is located in central Africa.
  2. Its capital city is Kinshasa.
  3. It begins with the letter D.

What is the Globle Answer Today? (6 August)

Still need help? Here is the answer to the 08/6/23 Globle:

Democratic Republic of the Congo (not to be confused with Republic of the Congo)

Yesterday’s Globle Answer

The answer to yesterday’s puzzle (August 5, 2023) was:


How To Play

Playing Globle is remarkably fun and simple. Players just need to head over to the game and click on the globe to commence. When the globe appears, players should enter their first guess, which can be any country in the world. You’ll see this country highlighted on the globe in a certain color.

The closer the color is to white, the further away your guess is from the answer. The darker the red it shows as, the closer your guess was from the answer. The aim is to use as few guesses as possible to work out the mystery country. When you guess it, it’ll highlight in green and the game will be complete.

If the hidden country was Japan, and players would receive the following clues for these guesses:

Globle color hints if Japan was the answer
Image Credit: Globle

That’s how to play Globe and the answer to today’s game. If you want more daily puzzles to enjoy, have a look at Digits or Waffle.

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