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Those who enjoyed the chaotic adventures of Roblox’s Slide House Tumble will undoubtedly love Slide Down a Hill, the latest destructive game that continues to rise in popularity. Like other installments, you’ll find yourself on a long track, and the only way across it is through a vehicle of your choice. But if you want to start your adventure with a few goodies, you’ll want to know all of the available codes for Slide a Hill.

All Available Slide Down a Hill Codes

Currently, Slide Down the Hill has one available code to use:

  • 50klikes: Skateboard ride

Although there aren’t many codes at the moment, you can look forward to more as time progresses, especially since the creator BaCkaw has indicated a reward for the 75k mark. Other than that, players can keep up-to-date with their official Twitter page, where they can stay tuned for updates and more bonuses. You can also join BaCkaw’s Roblox Discord to get additional Slide Down the Hill content.

If you want to earn more prizes, you can spin for valuables in the ‘Rewards’ tab on the left side and return to it after some time. The ‘Claim’ section is another valuable tool for item-collecting, such as cash, a balloon, and a grappling hook.

Players can exchange cash through the ‘Rides’ tab and unlock new vehicle types to survive the dangerous rainbow slide.

How to Enter Codes in Slide Down a Hill

You can find the ‘Codes’ section at the top-left of the screen and enter any currently active codes for the hit Roblox game.

Codes in Slide Down a Hill
Image Source: Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

The skateboard included in the recent code can be used in the ‘Rides’ section, and you can equip it by placing it in the main sliding area. Others can join you on this transportation device, as it has several seats for additional travelers. Then, players can see how long they survive while guiding the skateboard down the hill, in which you can earn points and cash based on your duration.

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