Dave the Diver’s Next Update Will Finally Get Rid of This Frustrating Mechanic

No more waking the neighbors!

Upcoming Dave the Diver Update
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Dave the Diver’s Dev Interview has revealed a much-needed change for the game regarding the QTE moments that have caused some concern for many players. And, if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s none other than the button-mashing mechanic, which has awoken many sleeping family members during those late diving sessions.

Jaeho Hwang (Game Director) and Nolan King (Game Designer) discussed the matter in the interview, announcing a new option to turn on ‘Automate button mashing’ in the Settings section. With this feature, you will no longer need to exert yourself during the challenging fish captures, where you can easily hold down the button.

This mechanic will fill up the gauge automatically, and you can expect to see this option in the next update. Besides button-mashing, the fish inventory has improved with its sorting filter, functioning the same as the menu gameplay. In particular, you can rearrange your critters based on quantity, weight, name, rank, and recently obtained to get the one you desire.

If you found the Fish Tank gameplay tedious, you can look forward to an option to sell all those unwanted fish when you’ve reached the required two breeders, making it much easier to collect money. The Sea People Village’s Beluga Taxi will also be improved through its movement, given that many players have stated its slower-paced agility.

You can expect many more enhancements, like a change for cocktail designs for color-blind users, a UI adjustment for Steam Deck, and a reduced size for the patch. However, it isn’t entirely clear when the update will launch, but it is likely to release sometime soon.

Players may also anticipate a Dave the Diver crossover with other game developers, as Hwang has expressed his openness to a new project like this. Thus, we can see if a new DLC will dive into the game to bring in even more exciting content to this hit game.

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