Top 10 Rarest PS2 Games That Are Worth a Fortune

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Haunting Ground and .hack//QUARANTINE PS2 Titles Image Source: Capcom/CyberConnect2

Sony’s PlayStation 2 is one of the most beloved consoles in history, given its vast collection of classic games that are still renowned today. Yet, as time passes, more and more titles are becoming scarce in the modern age, increasing the value of various installments.

While some titles have only garnered a limited capacity in copies, others are witnessing a resurgence due to revivals or the success of the developer’s newest projects. So, whether you are holding on to that old box of games or are in the market to purchase some high-valued collectibles, we’ll show the rarest PS2 games that are worth a considerable amount of loot.

All of the prices shown on this list are taken from PriceCharting in July 2023, featuring the CIB (Complete In Box) listings of recent purchases.

Wild Arms 5 10th Anniversary Edition – $180-200

Wild Arms 5 Artwork
Image Source: Media.Vision

Wild Arms 5 10th Anniversary Edition commemorates the JRPG’s long history by featuring numerous characters from every title thus far. Even the original game’s main protagonist, Rudy Roughknight, briefly appears in a minor role, bringing the old and new cast together as Dean Stark chases his dream of becoming an elite Golem Hunter.

The 10th Anniversary Edition has been typically sold for $170 over the past year, but on some occasions, it can go for $350 (at least on eBay). This profitable price could be tied to the news of the upcoming project, Armed Fantasia, made by Akifumi Kaneko, the notable creator of the Wild Arms franchise.

Futurama – $170-300

Futurama Gameplay
Image Source: Unique Development Studios

During the PS2’s prime, television and movie crossovers were a big hit among gamers, from the Harry Potter series to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And, given that Futurama was and still is a big hit, it may come as no surprise to see its PS2 title on this list. You’ll encounter many unforgettable characters from the series, such as Fry, Leela, and Bender, while they embark on yet another space adventure.

Although the game received relatively mixed reviews, its most recent CIB copies were sold for $220-300. Sales have also risen recently, possibly because of the show’s revival season. Thus, we could see Futurama sales skyrocket once the new season launches.

Xenosaga 3 – $200-250

Characters of Xenosaga 3
Image Source: Monolith Soft

Xenosaga fans have been asking for a reboot throughout the years, including a petition to revive the original. But, out of the trilogy, the third episode is regarded as the best JRPG in the series through its stunning graphics (at least by PS2 standards), entertaining gameplay, and epic OST. It also concludes the majestic journey of Shion Uzuki as she unravels the origins of a sinister organization.

One of the most recent CIB copies of Xenosaga 3 was sold for $213, yet sale prices have gone even higher for specific editions, especially with the lenticular covers which are worth $300-400.

.hack//QUARANTINE – $200-300

.hack//QUARANTINE Artwork
Image Source: CyberConnect2

The .hack//Games four-part series made its triumphant end with its final saga, .hack//QUARANTINE, taking place in the virtual world of the online multiplayer game, The World. Eventually, the franchise’s success transcended into a reboot in manga form and then a popular novel collection later down the line.

Due to the series’ accomplishments, .hack//QUARANTINE’s PS2 listing continues to thrive, with the most recent sale of $324. However, it’s intriguing to note that the rest of the franchise is seemingly lower in price, considering that the fourth installment may have issued the least amount of copies.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – $200-350

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Key Art
Image Source: Climax Studios

The Silent Hill franchise is still going strong in the modern age, from the upcoming interactive adventure of Ascension to a movie reboot. Yet, when you look at the hit series as a whole, Shattered Memories reigns supreme in rarity, with CIB copies ranging from $260-350.

So, what makes Shattered Memories different from the rest of the franchise? Well, when it really comes down to it, the reason primarily lies with its initial Wii release. Ergo, the PS2 version is merely a port of the original, which is a relatively rare occurrence for these consoles.

Blood Will Tell – $300-400

Blood Will Tell Gameplay
Image Source: SEGA & Red Entertainment

The heroic tale of Blood Will Tell originated from the highly-acclaimed manga, Dororo, a series created by the “godfather of anime” himself, Osamu Tezuka. The game follows the character Hyakkimaru as he fights to regain his limbs after 48 demonic beings steal parts of his body.

Although the PS2 title wasn’t an instant hit, it eventually became a cult classic, establishing a dedicated fanbase. By 2019, Blood Will Tell’s price began to rise with the anime release of Dororo, including a substantial CIB listing of $362 in the year 2020. The cost has increased over time, with a recent purchase of $399 and another hefty buy of $479.

Haunting Ground – $300+

Fiona in Haunting Ground
Image Source: Capcom

With the successful release of Resident Evil 4 in early 2005, Haunting Ground got the short of the end of the stick, as it was overshadowed by its achievement just a few months afterward. In this journey, you’ll play Fiona Belli, who is mysteriously trapped in a formidable castle. It is believed to be the fourth installment of the Clock Tower series based on gameplay similarities; however, Capcom has not confirmed this indication.

The survival horror title only produced a finite amount of copies, primarily because it wasn’t as well-received by critics and players. Given this setback, its rarity value started to increase, and the title gradually gained a cult following, similar to Blood Will Tell. Now, you can find the game for a hefty $375, but it can go for even more at $650.

Michigan: Report From Hell – $400-600

Michigan: Report From Hell Cutscene
Image Source: Grasshopper Manufacture

While the game is based in North America, Michigan: Report From Hell was never officially released in this location due to its lack of direct gameplay mechanics. Funnily enough, the game doesn’t actually occur in this state and instead follows a news crew in Chicago, Illinois, as they research strange occurrences in Lake Michigan.

Since it is a part of the collection, it is still a PS2 game, nonetheless, and you can fetch it for the exorbitant cost of $579. Michigan: Report From Hell’s CIB pricing can get much higher, especially with the most recent purchase of $927 in 2023.

Rule of Rose – $700+

Rule of Rose Cutscene
Image Source: Punchline

The survival horror genre remains on top in sales as Rule of Rose takes the spot of the second highest value in PS2 history. Nevertheless, the game was the subject of controversy since many critics have deemed it inappropriate and extremely violent toward children.

On the other hand, fans have disagreed with this negative reception and have continuously revered the title for its impactful story, in which the character Jennifer recovers her lost memories at Rose Garden Orphanage. Due to the friction and limited sales, you can see why Rule of Rose flourishes in profit, with CIB copies selling for $824 and $1,200. Sealed versions can also go even higher in price, with a whopping $19,999 on eBay.

Kuon – $1,000+

Kuon Artwork
Image Source: FromSoftware

FromSoftware is known for many popular titles, from Elden Ring to BloodBorne to Dark Souls 3. Though, in the past, the developers took on a much different direction with the survival horror, Kuon, based on ancient Japanese scary stories. You’ll control three playable characters throughout the narrative while they explore the haunting Fujiwara Manor, filled with ghastly ghosts and dreadful demons.

When Kuon first launched in 2004, it wasn’t as commercially successful as the company’s future projects, resulting in a short supply of copies. If you look at the title’s CIB listings, the pricing has consistently ushered in sales of $1,200 or more. And considering that FromSoftware continues to grow in popularity, we could be seeing an increase in value in the near future.

Featured Image Source: Capcom/CyberConnect2

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