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Destiny 2: How To Get Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle

Is it really worth the effort?

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Season of the Deep has reached the midway point in Destiny 2. To celebrate, the game has released a brand new Exotic weapon for Guardians to collect. However, the means of obtaining it are a little complicated and drawn out. So today, we’re discussing how to get the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2.

How To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Fishing
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Unlike other Exotic weapons, there’s no quest Guardians can pick up from a vendor to start the process. Instead, players need to grab their bait and fishing hats because they will have to do a lot of fishing. The first “step” to obtain the Wicked Implement is to catch all four Exotic Fish throughout the game.

  • EDZ: Kheprian Axehead, Aeonian Alpha-Betta
  • Throneworld: Whispering Mothcarp
  • Nessus: Vexing Placoderm

Unfortunately, there’s no way to sugarcoat it. The Exotic Fish are all RNG based, and there is no way to increase the chances of earning one. Some may get it within the first ten reels; others may use up to one hundred bait before obtaining one.

After securing them all, head over to the Helm and deposit them all in the Aquarium. When you do, you’ll obtain an item called the “Broken Blade of X.” Depending on which Exotic Fish you deposit, the blade will differ for each. You will need all four Broken Blades to start the next step.

Destiny 2 Inventory Screen
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The next step is to venture into the Deep Dive Seasonal activity. There will be four Thrall statues that you must visit and deposit the Broken Blade at.

PSA: Only one person in the fireteam actually needs to do this step. Even if you don’t have all of the Exotic Fish or Broken Blades, you can still take apart the upcoming mission so long as one person on the team visits all the statues.

Each Statue is very easy to find. The first is in the opening underwater section, right before you drop down in the first battleground. The second is in the first battleground and will spawn after you complete it. The third is in the second underwater section, and the last is right before the second battleground. You will see an indicator on your screen when you are nearby one.

Destiny 2 Wicked Implement Mission
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After visiting all four statues and completing the second arena, make sure not to progress further like you usually would during a Deep Dive. Instead, a new door will open to the right of the arena, where all three players must interact with the three Thrall Statues in the room. The secret mission will begin once each player activates a statue.

Khull, Executioner Knight

Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

When the mission starts, you’ll encounter two bosses, the first being a giant Taken Knight, Khull the Executioner. The main gimmick for both bosses is they can only be damaged once the team wipes three Taken Minotaur’s that spawn. After you kill one, a message will appear, “YOUR BLADE KEENS.” Defeating all three will generate the ‘SHARPEN YOUR BLADE” message, which means players can now properly damage the boss.

However, players should note that they will be on a timer when the fight starts. The team will have eight minutes to defeat each boss. Failing to do so will force the whole team to wipe and send you to orbit. The Taken Knight fight is very straightforward, and he’s relatively weak compared to the next boss. Defeat him, and progress to the final room, where you will be met with a rally flag and the next boss, Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace.

Omen, Blade Of The Black Terrace

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The second fight is against a giant Tormentor, Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace. This fight is more or less the same as the first against Khull, with one key difference. The arena is a giant maze that players must traverse through. The eight-minute timer and the three Taken Minotaurs will spawn the moment you enter. Like before, you must defeat all of them to damage the boss properly.

After removing the Minotaurs, you will have about 45 seconds to damage the boss. It’s a giant Tormentor that is very mobile, so weapons such as LMGs or Linear Fusion Rifles will be best here. In particular, the Exotic LMG, Thunderlord, or the Root of Nightmares Raid weapons like the Briar’s Contempt Linear Fusion will be the best choices for DPS.

After the DPS phase is over, it’s simply rinse and repeat. Go around the maze and find all of the Minotaurs, defeat them, and damage the boss until he dies. Your team will be sent to orbit if you can’t do so before the timer runs out. Don’t worry; you won’t lose your blades even if you fail.

If you get sent to orbit, hop back in and repeat the statue process until you reach the bosses. After defeating Omen the Tormentor, you can commune with a giant Darkness statue nearby, who will reward you with the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle.

Destiny 2 Secret Mission
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Now that you’ve got the Wicked Implement in hand, you’ll no doubt want to check out the rest of our Destiny 2 coverage below. It’s suitably wicked, too!

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